As we were Veterans with a Motorcycle Problem who kept attending events and showing our support to the Biking Community whilst not being a recognised Motorcycle Club in terms of the Presidents Councils of Gauteng, it was requested that we become a MC and join the Gauteng Presidents Councils to allow us to be welcome into the biking Brotherhood and also uninterrupted access to the Biking Events within Gauteng with our Patch on our back (Rallies, Day events).

On the 24th of July 2009 a meeting was held at the West Rand Hells Angels South Africa Club House and present at this meeting was the Various Council Presidents of the Gauteng area and the outcome of the meeting was that we no longer are the Biking Unit of the SA Legion but a Veterans Motorcycle Club which supports the SA Legion.

As we were now a recognised Motorcycle Club within the biking community it was requested by the Various Council Presidents of the Gauteng area that the Chairman position falls away and is replaced with the Title of National President, this was discussed and accepted by Tony Westgate (H2o) as his work commitments did not allow him to have such a Large Responsibility of being in charge of a Motorcycle Club,

On the 25th of July 2009 Tony Westgate (H2o) was replaced by Victor Sargent (SARGE) as the National President and Tony Westgate (H2o) assumed the responsibility of JO•BURG (East Rand) Chapter President which was accepted.

On the 7th of November 2009 Tony Westgate (H2o) stepped down as Chapter President as he spent less and less time at the club and more time at work and with this he was replaced by Nico Grobbelaar (Zaber) the KLERKSDORP Chapter President who had moved back up to JO•BURG (East Rand)

On the 18th of December 2009 Theunis Vorster (PONGO) was stripped as Chapter Vice President of the WEST RAND Chapter due to actions which had brought the chapter into disrepute, which punishment he gladly accepted.

A Gauteng Regional meeting was set up for the 4th of January 2010 and in this meeting it was planned to discuss the years veterans events and even before this meeting was started an incident took place (The Gauteng Chapter office bearers and National President who were at the meeting were stripped by a international recognised club) that sparked the start of the end of FS VMC.


There have been many rumours as to what was the cause of the incident but no one will ever know the truth as FS VMC was never given a chance to defend themselves or to find out why.

As FS VMC was never a Rough Motorcycle Club or hardcore patch wearers and just loved to ride following this unfortunate incident, many members left the fold and the following chapters immediately closed down

Beaufort West Chapter

Rustenburg Chapter

West Rand Chapter

Victor Sargent (SARGE) believing a rumour that he was the cause of this unfortunate incident and with the knowledge of this rumour, in an effort to save FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS VMC from being Shut Down decided to step down as National President of FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS VMC and this was presented to and accepted by the Council Presidents of the Gauteng area who stated that the club would be saved with this action, on the 12th of January 2010 Victor Sargent (SARGE) stepped down and away from the Biking Community believing that the club would still continue and was succeeded by Demitri Friend (WOLFSCOUT) as per the National Constitution.

The following was the National Executive after the above

Demitri Friend (WOLFSCOUT)                      NATIONAL PRESIDENT

Vacant                                                            NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT

Madelein Sargent (MADIE)                           NATIONAL PRO

Following the appointment of the new National President, the Council Presidents of the Gauteng area  appointed a mediator, this mediator set up a meeting which was to be held on Sunday the 17th of January 2010 between the Gauteng Biker Council and the FS VMC Presidents to allow F S VMC to clear their name and continue as a patch wearing club within the biking community and on the 16th of January 2010 the Forgotten Soldiers Presidents were notified by the appointed council mediator that the Meeting was cancelled and that FS VMC would not be allowed to operate, which caused further turmoil within the Forgotten Soldiers Structure as we now were not allowed to hear the allegations and even defend ourselves against them.

Following the latest incident it was requested by the SOUTH AFRICAN LEGION that FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS withdraw completely from the Biking Community.

A letter was drafted up and sent out on the 19th of January 2010 to the various Presidents Councils and associations within the Biking Community which stated
that as of the 20th of January 2010 F S VMC no longer exists in the biking community.

During the 435 days that Forgotten Soldiers Existed within the Biking Community we had grown to 25 Chapters countrywide as we had a vision and purpose which many people believed in and supported

This was the end of an era in the Biking Community of South Africa with which some will be celebrating a Victory and others will mourn the loss.

The Truth is known to many as to why Forgotten Soldiers VMC was removed from the South African Biking Community even though no one wants to discuss it or admit to it.